Making Marriage Work: As Told by a Lesbian Couple

Lorin and Emily Crowe are newlyweds living in south Louisiana. Although there are laws in the state that see their marriage licence as a piece of paper, they still manage to make their relationship work in a place that may not accept their way of life.

IMG_0012How it All Began

Emily is from a conservative town in southeast New Mexico and moved to south Louisiana a few months before meeting Lorin, a Belle Chasse native. Emily clearly remembers the day they met two and a half years ago. “We met in New Orleans at a gay pride parade at The Swamp on Bourbon Street,” and the rest is history.

They dated long distance for eight months before Emily proposed to Lorin at the same bar they met at months earlier. Lorin giggles as she remembers the night they got engaged. “She lied to me and told me that it was our friend’s surprise birthday party. Little did I know I was going to my own engagement party!” Lorin was pulled up on stage with Emily and she said yes.

Something Old, Something New…

Two months later, they got married in New Mexico where gay marriage is legal. “It was planned in two weeks! Just enough time for Emily to take off of work,” Lorin laughed. “I didn’t even get my dress until two days before we left!” It was a small wedding at a park consisting of Emily’s immediate family.

Why They StayIMG_0075

Emily and Lorin stay in Louisiana because Emily is stationed here in the Coast Guard and Lorin gets paid to go to school and she has a job as a photographer for her university’s paper. Being in the military allows the couple to receive the same benefits as heterosexual couples because it is federally recognized despite the state’s laws. “It is tough right now because I am trying to make a decision to reenlist or leave the coast guard,” Emily says. “The benefits are really great and I couldn’t get them with another job in the state but if I reenlist, I have to go to school in another state for six months.”


FullSizeRender_1The Future

When Lorin finishes school, it is still up in the air as to whether they would stay in Louisiana or not. Emily says, “I would love to live in a state our marriage is recognized.”

Alex Grezaffi, the photography editor at the Nicholls Worth and Lorin’s boss says, “I think that Lorin and Emily are super cute and I couldn’t be happier for them. I remember her telling me that she got married the summer before she came to college and that’s when she told us about Emily. I see them both in the office a lot and the love that they have for each other is apparent to see!”

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